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Word or two about our Hindi tool:

After you type a word in English and hit a space bar key, the word will be transliterated into Hindi. You can also hit a backspace key or click on the selected word to get more options on the dropdown menu.

The process of transliterating Hindi to English is very quick and allows unlimited characters and words to be transliterated. 

Our Easy Hindi Typing is really simple and easy to use as you don’t need to remember complex Hindi keyboard layout or practice Hindi typing for days and days to be able to type fluently in Hindi.

Once you have finished typing you can email them to anyone for FREE of cost. Alternatively, you can copy the text and share it either on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blog, comment or paste it on the Word Document for further formatting and processing of the text.

If you have any suggestions or feedback then please leave a comment on our Facebook page. Finally, but most importantly, please like and share our page on Facebook with your loved one.

Hindi Alphabets

Hindi got its name from the Persian word Hind, which means ”land of the Indus River”. It is spoken by more than 528 million people as a first language and around 163 million use it as a second language in India, Bangladesh, Mauritius and other parts of South Asia.

Hindi is written with the Devanagari alphabet, developed from the Brahmi script in the 11th century AD. It contains 36 consonants and 12 vowels. In addition, it has its own representations of numbers that follow the Hindu-Arabic numeral system.

  • 14 Independent Vowels (१३ स्वर): अ, आ, इ, ई, उ, ऊ, ए, ऐ, ओ, औ, अं, अः, ऋ, ॠ
  • 36 Consonants (३६ व्यंजन): क, ख, ग, घ, ङ, च, छ, ज, झ, ञ, ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण, त, थ, द, ध, न, प, फ, ब, भ, म, य, र, ल, व, श, ष, स, ह
  • 3 Joint Words (संयुक्त अक्षर): क्ष, त्र, ज्ञ
  • Full Stop (पूर्ण विराम): ।
  • Numbers in Hindi (हिंदी में नंबर): १, २, ३, ४, ५, ६, ७, ८, ९, ०, .

Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world with about 182 million native speakers in 1998. The script used in writing Hindi is Devanagari.

Hindi is widely written, spoken and understood in north India and most other places in India. In 1997, a survey found that 66% of Indians can speak Hindi. The most common form of Hindi is known as Hindustani. It has taken words from the Dravidian languages of South India, many words from the Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English, and Portuguese languages.

Fig 1. Hindi Keyboard Layout for Kurti Dev and Delvys Font

How can I type Hindi language?

Typing Hindi is very easy on our website. You can start by typing in Latin letters (e.g, a, b, c etc), which will then be converted to characters that have similar pronunciation in the Hindi Language. To give you an example, if you type in "Swagatam" it will be converted to "स्वागतम्". Additionally, you will get a list of matching words on the dropdown menu when you press backspace or click on the word. Our Hindi transliteration also supports fuzzy phonetic mapping. This means you just type in the best guess of pronunciation in Latin letters and our tool will convert it into a closely matching Hindi word.

What is Hindi transliteration?

Hindi transliteration is a process of phonetically converting similar-sounding characters and words from English to Hindi. For Example, you can type in "Aap kaise hain?" in Latin to get "आप कैसे हैं?". You can use our online Hindi input tool to transliterate unlimited Hindi words for FREE. Our online software is supported on both desktop and mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Samsung and more.

What is Hindi translation and How can I translate it?

Hindi translation is a process of converting word or sentence from one language to Hindi and vice versa. For instance, typing "Hindi is spoken by 366 million people across the world." in English will be translated into "दुनिया भर में ३६६ मिलियन लोगों द्वारा हिंदी बोली जाती है।". Our site uses machine translation powered by Google. You can use our online software to translate English to Hindi, Hindi to English, Hindi to Marathi, Hindi to Malayalam and many other languages for FREE. Additionally, you can seek help from a professional translator for accurate translation. Use this link to order a professional translation by a human translator.

What is Hindi Unicode?

Hindi Unicode is a set of unique numeric values that is assigned to display Hindi characters, letters, digits and symbols. You can view the complete set of Hindi Unicode Character Code charts by visiting The Unicode Consortium.